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These awesome Photoshop Color Grading Masterclass lessons created by nucly and first update released in 2020.

In order to become a creative image processor, you need to master color manipulation. This master class teaches you every way to adjust color in Photoshop. Learn to use colors to turn your creative ideas into masterpieces.

What will you learn?

Color grading means color processing to obtain any desired effect. It is the key to improving the appearance of the image, improving the visual effect, and conveying the intended feelings.

There are many tools and color grading workflows needed to master contrast, color, saturation, detail, and black and white level. You will learn to master them all in this course.

I cover not only every Photoshop adjustment tool for color manipulation, but color theory, workflow, selections, masking, replacing skies, and determining skin tones. These are the techniques used by the best professionals in the field.

40 lessons, over 6 hours of practice, 24 individual color grading projects and 2 full text installation projects - from start to finish!

Free Download Photoshop Color Grading Masterclass

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